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How to care

To prolong the life of your scissors, they should be treated with love and care. The better the care, the better the performance. There are several ways to care for your blades and also some advice on how to avoid unneccessary damage.

Wipe blades after every use. Use a Kasho leather cloth. Clean blades retain their edge and shine for longer. Lubricate the pivot daily, with a Kasho oil pen. It helps to keep the cutting action smooth. Always store your scissors with the blades closed and out of the reach of children as accidents can happen. A case or holder will keep them safe from dirt and damage when storing or transporting. Check the scissor tension on a daily basis. It's easy to adjust, and a smoother cut reduces wear and tear. Only our Kasho technicians should sharpen or repair your tools. Precision engineering requires precision servicing.

If your blades are nicked it is advisable to stop using them until they are fixed as it could lead to further damage. The scissors are designed for smooth, sharp cutting and do no not require any unneccesary force or pressure. Be careful where you leave unprotected scissors, to avoid any damage or dirt. Avoid contact with sterilisation liquid, perm or colour solution as these can corrode your scissors. When cutting hair, try to avoid clipping the scissors on combs or slides as it may scratch or nick your blades. Keep your scissors clean and hair free.

Kasho scissors are an investment and must be loved.

Suitable products for your Kasho

Leather cloth

Scissors spray

Oil pen


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