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Construction of our scissors

Outside Blade 1   10 Points
Back Side 2   11 Edge
Screw hole 3   12 Hollow (Concave)
Branding 4   13 Teardrop (Convex)
Ride or Half moon 5   14 Fore side
Shank 6   15 Joint
Neck 7   16 Ring flat
Outside ring 8   17 Finger rest
Inside ring 9   18 Silencer or Stopper

Handle configuration

The Kasho Hair Styling Scissors are made in different handle configurations - offset, semi- offset and straight.

With the offset handle, you can work with your shoulders straight and elbow down, using minimal wrist movements. The semi-offset is a comfortable compromise between the offset and straight models. When working with the semi-offset or offset models, the shoulders remain straight and the elbows are not raised, putting far less strain on the wrist.




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